Installing a Spa on Your Deck

LL_08_Glow_40-359Evaluate the cost of purchasing, installing, and maintaining an outdoor spa to decide if it’s a worthwhile addition to your deck.

Different types of spas and their costs

It started with that icon of laid-back living, the redwood hot tub. Before long, fiberglass versions with circulating jets appeared called “spas.”

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Patio Shade Ideas Under $300

Patio and TrellisNot all shady deals are bad. These patio shade projects are each under $300. There’s no reason to get burned on price; you’ll find plenty of low-cost shade-giving options to cool your tootsies.

If you’re looking for shade beyond the typical market umbrellas ($45) and freestanding gazebo kits (starting at

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How to Keep Your House Cool Without AC

keep coolWant summer comfort but hate the AC? Follow these tips, and you’ll keep your house cool without frosty air conditioning.

Block that Sun!

When sunlight enters your house, it turns into heat. You’ll keep your house cooler if you reduce solar heat gain by keeping sunlight out.